After 20 years in Corporate America, I decided to pivot into the competitive world of women's activewear. Crazy, right? But what I may lack in fashion expertise, I make up for in barre addiction!

As a lifelong dancer and creative soul, I wanted to build a brand focused on activewear for the barre. I also realized that the bras & leggings combo doesn’t work for everyone--especially if you don't have perfect abs (like me)! I was sick of constantly adjusting my leggings in the studio. So, I spent over a year meticulously designing, sourcing fabrics, testing for durability, and perfecting the ultimate bodysuit for barre.  

Unlike other bodysuits on the market, ours exude ballet vibes, unparalleled quality, and incredible versatility. Barredolls is more than just activewear; it's a commitment to a seamless workout experience that will make your favorite leggings jealous.  

Wearing the Bella Bodysuit allows me to focus on my workout without having to tug or readjust while I'm trying to get "1 inch lower"! Get ready to plié, stretch, and sweat in style with Barredolls!

XO, Katie

Chief Dance Officer at Barredolls

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