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Why we love barre

It's kind of like ballet meets pilates with a sprinkle of yoga vibes. You use a ballet barre for support to do these tiny, controlled movements to target specific muscles, especially those not as easily engaged in typical strength training. You get to do ballet-inspired moves, like those pliés and relevés that take you back to dance class as a kid.

What should I wear to a barre class?

You’ll want to be in tight-fitting but comfortable clothes so you can keep an eye on your form. Leggings and sports bra combos used to dominate the studios, but one-piece bodysuits are trending for effortless style–and best of all, you won’t find yourself awkwardly pulling up your leggings during class! Our ballet-inspired bodysuits are the perfect one-stop-shop for barre activewear.

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What women are saying about our jumpsuits

  • Nicole

    I love this jumpsuit! It's a one-piece which is awesome so I don't have to worry about picking a top that matches my bottoms. It fits really nice--it's buttery soft and feels really good--so comfy and cute. I can workout in this and do errands but also I'm ready to go to the bar haha!

    HR executive

  • Amber

    This is SO cute! It's very sexy and I love the mesh part. I feel like I could go out in this outfit. The fabric is SO comfy. I'm obsessed.

    Barre & yoga instructor

  • Joelle

    I'm in love! I love everything about it! I like that it's a one-piece so it's very convenient. So cute.